YouTube Growth Accelerator

 Learn to Build & Grow a Profitable YouTube Channel In 60 Days or Less

Want to Build & Grow a Profitable YouTube Channel?

Maybe you’ve gained some traction on social media and you’re ready to expand your horizons…

Or maybe you’ve got a sales funnel that converts, and now you’re ready to increase lead generation & optimize conversions…

… But when it comes to YouTube, you’re not sure where to start or what to do first.

After launching dozens of YouTube channels and video marketing automation systems for a variety of clients…

We are finally sharing our signature process for successfully creating, building and launching automated video marketing campaigns on YouTube that work.

How To Turn Your Passions Into Profits on YouTube…

Over the last several years, we’ve collectively generated tens of thousands of organic, evergreen leads, sales and subscribers for multiple brands online.

The interesting part is, it didn’t matter whether someone already had a basic YouTube channel & video marketing funnel set up yet…

… Or none at all.

When we taught them our YouTube SEO & video marketing automation system, it worked.

And it continues to work, even years later.

Monetize Your YouTube Channel in 60 Days or Less

Let’s Put YouTube to Work for You…

This Might Be For You If…

  • You’ve had some traction on social media, but don’t know much about SEO or YouTube yet…

  • You have a business but want to add new organic leads & revenue by expanding your video marketing systems…

  • You have an audience (even if it’s small) but want to leverage YouTube to grow even faster…

Our 5-Step Growth Accelerator Process is Proven…

And you can launch all of it with our help in just 60 days.

The 60-Day YouTube Growth Accelerator will help you get started successfully on YouTube.

If you want to scale your business with video, build a profitable YouTube channel and expand your impact online, this 60-day intensive coaching program will help.

Learn to generate leads with YouTube, how to get more views and subscribers, 4 ways to monetize YouTube and how to sell your programs with video automation so you can grow faster online.

Tell Us More About You…

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Some of Our Client Results…

Sara & Alex J, Travel Channel

From 0 to 70k+ Subscribers in Under 1 Year

By following our YouTube Growth recommendations, one of our travel clients went from zero subscribers to over 70,000 in less than one year.


They also learned to create a video that generated the following in just one week (without running a single paid ad):

  • $900+ in automated AdSense revenue
  • An additional $4,338 in digital product sales for the week
  • Over a dozen new qualified leads for their brick & mortar business (For reference, each signed client adds an average of $60k-$100k in additional top line revenue over a 90-day timespan)

Here’s the proof…

Cam A, Gaming Channel

314% Increase in Monthly AdSense Revenue & 1000 New Visitors / Week

By adjusting a few video Titles, Tags and Descriptions using our signature SEO process, one gaming channel’s monthly revenue tripled nearly overnight.

+7,767 New Subscribers in Just 30 Days

Our YouTube Growth Process enabled one health blog client to have a significant monthly spike in views, site traffic, leads and subscribers.


This process also generated over $1000 in just AdSense revenue alone, over 500k views on the channel in 28 days, and 2.1 Million minutes of Watch Time. 


SSF, Fitness Channel

Generating 14-19+ New, Targeted, Evergreen Leads Per Day

One of our clients in the wellness space is generating almost 2 dozen new, targeted leads per day from their new YouTube strategy.

Because of her automated video sales funnels, that means she’s pulling in tons of new product sales for her business, month over month. 

Melanie D, Fitness Channel

Here’s The Good News (Especially If You’re New)…

You Can Absolutely Increase Leads & Revenue on YouTube, Even With a Small Channel…

… And with well under 10,000 views per video you make using our signature 5-Step YouTube Growth System?

You’re probably scratching your head right now wondering how, and that’s totally normal by the way…

The truth is, anyone can start generating revenue from a YouTube channel, and do it relatively quickly.

If you want to learn how YouTube can help you create and rank great video content that draws people to you (instead of the other way around), this is the program for you.

We look forward to chatting with you soon to make sure you’re a good fit!

To your success,
The Vidfluence Team 

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